Original oil Paintings from the estate of


1927 - 2019

Plein Air Oil Painter

I created this website so that I could connect with art lovers and find homes for my mother’s beautiful oil paintings. Mom passed in 2019 and dozens of unclaimed paintings remain in storage, or on the walls of my home,  

Mary’s oil painting career started in earnest after she retired in 1992 and her dream of being a professional artist came to fruition. She studied under many widely recognized plein air instructors, joining them in the meadows, mountains, shorelines, and valleys of California and the Southwest.

Hi, I’m Barbara, her youngest daughter. I traveled with her on dozens of painting excursions as her assistant, helping her select just the right locations in the Eastern Sierras, Santa Barbara County and the Southwest.  Some of my favorite moments while Mom was painting include fishing downstream from her on Rock Creek in the Sierras, holding an umbrella over her easel as we endured a monsoon downpour in Monument Valley, and mourning the loss of a large tube of burnt umber after it plummeted down a shear wall of the Grand Canyon.

Of course, so many of her paintings represent all of the wonderful memories of these outings and there is no doubt in my mind that I am terribly biased; I think her work is worthy of anyone’s living room wall.  

The paintings are all unframed and many of them are free.  I only ask that buyers cover the cost of shipping from Arizona.  And of course, promise to have them framed and displayed where they can be enjoyed.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will find a painting that speaks to you.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to hear more about the stories that go along with many of these wonderful works of art. 

Warmest regards, Barbara

Available Paintings

Santa Barbara

Mary first came to Santa Barbara in 1945 to join the Art Department at UC Santa Barbara. She earned her BA in art as well as her teaching certificate. She stayed in SB for the rest of her life, except for a ten year period (1991 to 2001) when she relocated to Bishop CA in order to pursue her painting career.

Eastern Sierras

Mary left Santa Barbara and lived in the Eastern Sierras from 1991 to 2001. She wanted to grow her painting skills as she surrounded herself with the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in California.

Still Life & Other

Mary loved to create vignettes in her studio with items she loved. Most are bright and cheerful, and her skill with color and texture are represented in these paintings.